Mindful Eating

We eat when it’s time to eat, when food is put in front of us or because we need to handle feelings of anger, anxiety, depression or simple boredom. Mindfulness helps connect the mind and the body, to slow down for a moment, connect with ourselves, and move from reacting to responding. – Jean Kristeller

Mindful eating, as taught in Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT), includes making conscious food choices, developing awareness of physical vs psychological hunger and satiety cues, and eating healthfully in response to those cues.

Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) was originally developed by Dr. Kristeller over 15 years ago, drawing on her work with Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program and her own research and clinical training in food intake regulation and eating disorders.

MB-EAT blends mindful eating exercises with mindfulness meditation practice to cultivate more general moment-to-moment awareness of self. As part of the program, you will learn greater “inner wisdom” to change your food habits. Through mindful eating practices, you will learn to pay attention to what the body really needs and why, how to experience the full pleasure and taste of food without overeating, and how to release the guilt and struggle so often associated with eating. In this 6-week course, mindful eating is cultivated through:

  • Weekly 1.5-hour classes
  • Guided mindfulness meditation
  • Guided eating exercises and practices in mindfulness
  • Exploration of food behavior to breakthrough cravings, emotional eating and overeating
  • Daily home practices and audio recordings

MB-EAT research shows that most people who complete this course find:

  • Better sense of inner balance around food and eating
  • Reduced binge eating, overeating and emotional eating
  • Greater body appreciation
  • Weight management

The class is a complement, not a substitute, for regular medical care.

Winter Schedule 2018:

When: Wednesday Evenings 6:30 – 8p  January 24th – February 28th

Where:  Midwood International and Cultural Center
1817 Central Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28205


We believe strongly in making this class available to anyone who believes that Mindful Eating might be helpful in their life and is willing to commit themselves to do the work. Therefore we offer this class on an honor-system based Sliding Scale, and the generosity of those who are able and choose to pay more directly supports those who are not.

Our suggested scale rate is:

  • High Income $400
  • Medium Income $300
  • Low Income $200


If $200 is difficult for you, please consider the class anyway. We ask that you decide what amount you can contribute as a commitment and investment in your own process as well as helping to support financial health of the class and our ability to offer this kind of sliding scale. No one is ever turned away for financial reasons.  For more information on the sliding scale and/or payment plan option, click here.

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Basheerah Enahora, RDN, LDN, MS, MBA

Basheerah became interested in mindful eating while working as a clinical dietitian nutritionist at Wake Forest Baptist Health Weight Management Center. After seeing patients lose weight only to quickly re-gain it back, she knew that mindfulness was the missing link to help change patient’s relationship with food. She then completed MB-EAT professional training through the Center for Mindful Eating and uses it individually and in group classes. Basheerah is a Registered Dietitian with licenses in North and South Carolina, and in addition to teaching with CCM, owns her own private practice, BE Nutrition LLC. She integrates mindfulness and meditation practices in all aspects of her life. She can be reached at: benahora@ccmindful.org and her website is: www.benutritionco.com