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Was this course helpful to you?


Yes, I can calm myself down now. I’ve become better at accepting the challenges my brain gives me. I’m starting to see the good side of me, and that feels good.

~Class participant


It was wonderful. I gained so much knowledge and many tools that truly have made a difference in my life. The guiding principles, the meditations, the poems and awareness have all enriched my life and aided of my healing. [The teacher] lead by example. I so appreciated that the loving kindness and gentle manner she brought to the class. In the end, “mindfulness” is a way of life, not a class, and by her a example, I have learned what a mindful life can be.

~Class participant


This course is been very helpful to me. I’ve learned positive tools for coping with difficult experiences. The tools are things I am able to use on a daily basis. The way the course evolved was very helpful. Gradually learning the different techniques and tools was perfect for me. I like how each week reinforced and expanded on the week before.



Eye-opening, fantastic. I am three weeks without a sleep aid to sleep at night.

~Jim M.


The class renewed my thoughts about how much I needed an MBSR class and how beneficial it is to my daily life. It’s easy to get caught up life and not LIVE your life. [The class] made me more aware of my movement through my day and my thougts, feelings and interactions with others. I loved the neuroscience as it helped me understand the practice better by knowing the science behind what’s taking place in my mind.

~Class Participant


I didn’t come into this class really expecting to achieve the results that I’ve been looking for to the extent that I received them. Between classes three and four, I had experienced such tremendous noticeable change in me that I’ve been talked myself- WOW! This really does work.  But I also know the results will continue to get better and better as I continue on this incredible journey of mindfulness. 

~Mary Jo

I learned the importance of kindness and compassion in my practice, experience it as a gift to myself, how helpful it is to practice regularly even if it’s just for a few minutes. [The teacher’s] kindness acceptance of us all was so helpful. The clarity and direction she provided brought it all together for me.

~Bob G.


I liked learning the neuroscience behind the practice. I am someone who likes to know the how’s of why something works. I really liked the small steps to incorporating the practice in my life. This class has taught me that meditation and mindfulness are a journey, and it is the journey that is important.

~Jeaninne R.


I have never attempted anything like this before, but I am so glad that I did. I am learning a whole new way of life, in that, taking time to take care of me, can make all the difference in my quality of life.  The yoga has been my favorite teaching of all. I’ve wanted to learn beginner level positions for a long time and now I have. Using the yoga with meditation is a wonderful combination for me. 

 ~Jeanie Anderson


This class has made me so aware of the resources I carry with me. Therefore I can draw upon them at any time I am stressed.  What impressed me most with the teaching was [the teacher’s] genuine concern for the students. This class was of great help to me. 

~Class participant


Taking this class has been one of the most beautiful and important things I’ve done for myself. I don’t know where to start really-I lacked the words for the loving nurturing I felt during this fall session. Coming here was a true gift to myself. The teacher was absolutely incredible-so loving, so knowledgeable, so open, so… I could go on and on.

~Class participant


MBSR has helped me develop internal resources and tools that it brought a new freedom to my daily habits of mind and communication. This experience has laid the foundation that I look forward to building on. The teaching has offered insights into the shared experiences of my classmates and myself that I could never have gained from reading alone. [The teacher] is able to provide a workable context and framing to what is named– so that even challenging feelings or happenings can be worked with as opposed to denied. 

~Lucy C.


Learning to catch myself with continual judgments of myself, and others, has been so helpful. Those judgments are still there, but now I question why and ask myself how else I might look at a situation. I have gained a lot of confidence about my ability to be with my own thoughts and feelings without reacting in the moment.



I got what I hoped for—and so much more… Mindfulness led me into a self-awareness and connection… that I was not expecting. My body learned to be more present with itself; my mind became more calm. I felt connected with the energy of my classmates; and my spirit was balanced.

~Susan B.



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