Over the past 30+ years, research in the area of brain science and the effect of mindfulness has grown exponentially. Below are some links that might be useful for learning more about mindfulness, MBSR and research:

Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, started the first MBSR program in 1979 at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. The UMass Center for Mindfulness grew out of these beginnings and is the leading institution in the world for teaching and training of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Their website has much useful information:  www.umassmed.edu/cfm/


This short video gives an overview of Mindful-Based Stress Reduction research:


Jon Kabat-Zinn talk at Google on Mindfulness, Stress Reduction and Healing:  www.youtube.com/rSU8ftmmhmw


For more about mindfulness, meditation and neuroscience research in general:


How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains: Sara Lazar at TEDxCambridge 2011

Mindfulness Research Guide:  www.mindfulexperience.org


Listing from Rick Hanson, PhD, of some key scientific papers regarding brain science, mindfulness and well-being: www.rickhanson.net/science/key-papers/


Summary article of mindfulness and related research:  http://marc.ucla.edu/workfiles/pdfs/MARC-mindfulness-research-summary.pdf


Mindfulness In The Media



Time Magazine – The Mindful Revolution



Mindful Magazine – The Mindful Revolution



Easing Doctor Burnout With Mindfulness

When the Caregivers Need Healing



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