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Before pre-registering for the 8 week MBSR class, please first check your schedule with the posted dates, including the Retreat Day, for the class you are interested in taking. If you find that you will miss more than one class session, we recommend that you do not sign up at this time, as each class builds on the class before. Missing more than one class makes it unlikely that you will be able to “catch up” with the missed class material.

Also note that this class will involve practice time at home including guided daily meditation and inquiry exercises to better understand our stress habits and how to work with them. Please decide if you are prepared to make a commitment to yourself to engage in these practices.

There is a $15 fee for registration for the Introductory Session.  If you then decide to take the class, the $15 is applied to your class cost.  If this $15 fee is challenging for you, please email us directly and it can be waived.

If you are ready to sign up, please click the link below, which will take you to the registration form for the Introductory Session for your 8 week session.  We ask for a commitment to attend this Introductory Session if you wish to participate in MBSR, as we only take as many people in the session as we can accommodate in the class.  All Intro Session spots will likely fill, yet late cancellations and “no-shows” then make it difficult for us to fill the class.


Full class registration is offered at the completion of our Introductory Session.

***Please only register for one Introductory Session***

i.e. please don’t register both for the waitlist for one Introductory Session and for another still open Session.  Pick one or the other

Click Here To Register For Our Introductory Session


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