We believe strongly in making this class available to anyone who believes that MBSR might be helpful in their life and is willing to commit themselves to do the work. Therefore we offer this class on an honor-system based Sliding Scale, and the generosity of those who are able and choose to pay more directly supports those who are not.

Our suggested scale rate is:

  • High Income $450
  • Medium Income $350
  • Low Income $250


If $250 is difficult for you, please consider the class anyway. We ask that you decide what amount you can contribute as a commitment and investment in your own process as well as helping to support financial health of the class and our ability to offer this kind of sliding scale. No one is ever turned away for financial reasons.  For more information on the sliding scale and/or payment plan option, click here.

The registration fee for the Introductory Session is $15.  If after the Introductory Session you choose to sign up for the class, the $15 will be applied to your class cost.  If the $15 fee is an obstacle for you, please email us directly and this can be waived.


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