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The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) class is an 8 week program that teaches mindfulness as a means of learning greater balance and effective strategies for an improved sense of wellness in one’s own life.

The benefits gained through MBSR come from learning an intentional practice of mindfulness, which is simply non-judgmental moment-to-moment awareness. Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention to your life — your own body, mind and heart, as well as what is happening around you. Through increased awareness, choices for learning, growing and healing become more clear. In this challenging and life-affirming eight week course, mindfulness is intentionally cultivated through:

  • Weekly two-hour classes and one Saturday 10 – 4 Retreat
  • Guided instruction in meditation practices
  • Gentle yoga, appropriate for any physical condition
  • Supportive class discussion
  • Inquiry exercises to enhance awareness in everyday life
  • Daily home practices and three CD’s for home use


To Register, please first attend our Introductory Session to learn more about this course. This will reserve a spot for you in the upcoming course if you then choose to attend.

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